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Software testing

Quality assurance

Quality Assurance of a software product is an important factor in its successful promotion in the IT market.

The TranSoftGroup testing team is about a hundred qualified QAs with 20 years of experience in software testing:

  • in various fields of IT technologies (e-commerce, ERP-systems, language recognition products);
  • under various operating systems (Ms Widows, Linux);
  • using various databases (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL).

TranSoftGroup uses modern technologies and testing methodologies

Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Functional testing is used to check the product compliance with the established functionality specifications of both individual components and the product itself.

In fact, it is an immitation of the use of a software product that allows you to identify and troubleshoot functionality issues.

Regression Testing

Regression Testing

Regression Testing

Regression testing is testing after changes in the product code, aimed at detecting errors in the previously tested areas.

The main purpose of regression testing is to make sure changes in a certain part of the product code does not affect other parts of the product.

Ad-hoc Testing

Ad-hoc Testing

Ad-hoc testing is used when there is absence of technical documentation. It aims to identify weaknesses in terms of product response to unpredictable user behavior.

The key success in this process is the experience of the QA Engineer.

The advantages of random testing are:

  • appearance of difficult to reproduce errors that are not subject to the standard scenario;
  • saving time and money on documentation preparation.
Integration Testing

Integration Testing

Integration testing is testing of the interaction of individual product components (modules) in different operating systems in combination with various external devices. It occurs after the completion of the test of each of the individual modules and is carried out on the basis of integration (functional and non-functional) tests.

This is an extremely important type of testing because it diagnoses the product as integral system.

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing is a testing of the product interaction and compatibility with the components of the hardware platform:

  • operating system (Windiws, MacOS, Linux);
  • system software;
  • browsers (Chrome, Opera, Safari, Microsoft Edge and others);
  • external devices (printers, scanners, DVD drives, microphones, etc.);
  • other programs that integrate with the product functionality (for example, Microsoft Office programs);
  • databases (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL).
GUI Testing

GUI Testing

The graphical user interface testing includes check-up of:

  • convenience and functionality of the interface, its compliance with specifications;
  • navigation elements (menus, toolbars, etc.);
  • text formatting and placement relative to other elements;
  • behavior of dialogs and error notifications;
  • image quality and adaptability of the interface to the screen resolution.
Documentation Testing

Documentation Testing

Documentation is an integral part of a product, the quality of which determines the effectiveness of its use. Testing of documentation includes its verification of:

  • structure, clarity and convenience;
  • completeness of information on the installation (configuration) of the product in a specific hardware platform;
  • compatibility with programs (services) with which it integrates;
  • compliance with the actual version of the product.
Localization Testing

Localization Testing

Localization - setting parameters allowing effective use of the product in the end user environment, including:

  • language;
  • systems of weights and measures;
  • date and time formats;
  • currency;
  • cultural features.

Our services


To ensure the high quality of the customer's product and its competitiveness, we offer a wide range of testing services:

  • creation of the testing process - formation of test scenarios based on the optimal choice of methodologies and types of testing;
  • conducting manual testing;
  • conducting automated testing;
  • support.

Our services

Forming the testing processes

We will form a complete set of components of the testing processess of your product, containing a description of the object, strategy and procedure, criteria for starting and ending the testing process, including:

  • designing Test cases in accordance with the quality criteria and testing objectives with a description of the test steps and the results predicted for each of them;
  • formation of Test plans (Test Plan).

Our services

Manual testing

Manual testing, in contrast to automated, requires less preparation time, allowing you to approach the quality of the product from the user's perspective, following a variety of possible situations and non-obvious scenarios of use. But the process of manual testing itself takes more time and requires more significant resources.

Our company provides its own resources. These are experienced QA engineers. They organize the forming of testing processes and ensure their implementation.

In case when the testing processes (test scenarios) have already been created, our QA engineers will ensure their quality performance in accordance with the approved plans.

Our QA engineers have extensive experience. Due to this, even if they have to test on the fly (without any documentation), they will do it well.

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Automated testing

The increasing speed of release of new product versions dictates the need to reduce testing time along with improving its quality.

Both the first and the second automation of testing processes can provide.

Our specialists have the experience and technology not only to create automated tests, but also methodologies for analyzing their results, which will allow you to generate detailed Bug Reports. In addition, we will help determine when automation gives the best results, and when manual testing is more effective, because it does not always make sense to spend on creating automated tests, especially in situations where manual testing provides more accurate results.

We will make the testing process as efficient as possible for the customer

Our services


At the request of the customer, we provide product support 24/7 allowing you to:

  • help customer users to use the product more efficiently;
  • fix the non-compliance of the product with the established specifications in order to form a Bug Reports for developers.

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