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Why Magento?



Magento Commerce is the world’s leading eCommerce platform.

Its market share reaches up to 30%.

More than 200,000 companies with a total annual revenue of more than $60 billion have chosen Magento Commerce as its own online store platform, thus taking the platform to global leadership and making it a leading product for eCommerce sites, the most successful of which are national leaders and global TOPs.

Financial affordability

Financial affordability

Magento Commerce comes in two versions:

  • Magento Open Source - a free and convenient product for launching and operating small and not too busy online stores;
  • Magento Commerce - a powerful tool for building large-scale online stores, the cost of which is correlated by scale.

This makes Magento affordable for eCommerce sites of any size.

High load system

High load system

Magento Commerce supports various types of caching (saving generated site elements) and scalable solutions (creation of parallel database servers, code, search, cache memory, etc.), which allows to withstand high loads and provide high performance at peak times - during:

  • sales;
  • a large number of orders;
  • high activity of buyers.
SEO optimization

SEO optimization

Powerful SEO optimization tools and efficient search engine indexing and ranking systems ensure Magento sites constantly engage new customers, strengthening your customer base.

Marketing technologies

Marketing technologies

Thanks to the modern internet marketing technologies and elements of a friendly (intuitive) interface, Magento Commerce:

  • deepens the interest of customers to interact with the online store;
  • stimulates to repeat sale;
  • encourages regular customers to make a purchase;
  • increases conversion rates - effective response to site offers;

and thus - increases sales and, consequently, the profit from the online store activity.

Integration with eCommerce services

Integration with eCommerce services

Magento Commerce is a leader of ready-made integration solutions with e-commerce technologies and services in a variety of ways:

  • payments;
  • delivery of goods.

This allows you to provide customers with a convenient, and most importantly - present everywhere and usual service to use when launching an online store.

Multichannel sales

Multichannel sales

The success of the eCommerce business today is impossible without the integrated presence of a retailer in various sales channels:

  • retail outlets;
  • mobile applications;
  • social networks.

Due to this, Magento Commerce supports all types of multi-channel customer interaction with the online store, providing real information and convenient service through all channels that are available to the retailer.

The only order management system

The only order management system

Multichannel sales dictates the need for a single order management system, which is implemented in Magento Commerce. It allows customers to:

  • control the order processing through all the interaction channels;
  • easy and convenient to make changes;
  • comfortable to return.


Magento Commerce supports an unlimited number of different online stores versions that operate within different markets or countries with support for relevant languages, currencies, tax systems.

Flexible catalog

Flexible catalog

Magento Commerce does not impose restrictions on application in terms of product range (whether it is home appliances or building materials, clothing or food, products for children or adults), as the construction of a catalog is so flexible that it ensures the sale of anything, including - not only simple goods, but also bundles (sets).

Powerful search and navigation tools

Powerful search and navigation tools

Simple and at the same time very powerful search and navigation mechanisms allow the buyer easily and quickly find the right product in the online store.

Cloud technologies

Cloud technologies

Magento Commerce Cloud is based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) - one of the most powerful and reliable server infrastructures in the world, allowing you:

  • to improve the speed of the online store;
  • to encrease the security level;
  • to reduce the cost of support as a result of its simplification.
Platform development

Platform development

Magento Commerce is supported and developed by:

  • Adobe partners - companies whose activities are based on the establishment and maintenance of Magento sites;
  • Adobe specialized partners - Adobe partner companies that have the minimum required number of certified Magento specialists, allowing to provide qualified services to support powerful online resources;
  • Magento Community - ambitious developers who work with the Magento Commerce team improving the platform.

Thanks to Adobe partners, many additional modules appear in the world, extending the standard Magento Commerce functionality and are available for purchase and download by clients from Magento Marketplace.

Our services

Range of services

  • Development of online stores on the Magento platform, creation of a full-featured website with all the requirements customer.
  • Creating additional modules to improve and expand the functionality of the online store or replacement features that already exist specifically for your needs. Adapt your site to mobile devices.
  • Optimize the speed of your site. We have extensive experience in developing difficult sites.
  • We integrate everything you need to work efficiently, new payment systems, order management systems, accounting or ERP systems.
  • Partial or complete redesign, the ability to change the look of the e-shop or its parts.
  • Cloud installation, setup and administration.

Why TranSoftGroup?

TranSoftGroup is a bronze partner of Adobe, which is the owner and developer of Magento Commerce platforms
TranSoftGroup - Adobe's specialized partner for the implementation of the Magento Commerce platform

Why TranSoftGroup?

TranSoftGroup – it’s a team of 180 qualified developers and testers of sites created on Magento Commerce platform
TranSoftGroup – has 10 years of experience working with Magento
TranSoftGroup – it’s 25 certified Magento 2 Specialists

Why TranSoftGroup?

TranSoftGroup has been involved in the development of the Magento Commerce platform since 2016 under a contract with Adobe.

Our specialists were directly involved in the work on the following projects:

  • Multistock Inventory - sales management from different points
  • Adobe Stock Integration - interface for search and use of stock images
  • Login as Customer - view the site as a client with troubleshooting
  • Security Package - improving security
  • Magento Community Portal - automation of Magento platform improvement processes by the community

Our clients

Allo Company

Online store allo.ua is an e-commerce site that specializes in the sale of products of various assortment with a large-scale marketplace having several thousand partners.

According to Forbes, allo.ua is one of the leaders among e-commerce sites in Ukraine with a constantly growing sales and a developed network of pick up in store points, of which there are about a thousand in several hundred cities of Ukraine.

This load-sensitive online resource with a multi-million assortment and an increasing number of orders (more than thousands every day) easily withstands the hourly connection of several thousand simultaneous customers.

Maksym Vedenieiev CIO

Allo and TranSoftGroup have been partnered for 7 years already.

During this time, our site has changed a lot - both externally (interface) and internally - the capability to withstand high loads. And if the first is our joint achievement, the second is entirely the merit of our colleagues from TranSoftGroup.

To summarize, I would like to highlight a few important qualities of our partners: first, they not only do what we ask, but warn of possible complications, offer more proven and systematic solutions, and secondly - great get along with all our teams, both internal and external.

Yakaboo Company

The online store yakaboo.ua is among the TOPs in the book e-commerce market of Ukraine.

The site is characterized by a huge range of goods (several million units per item), a large number of daily orders and without high loads can withstand the connection of several hundred simultaneous unique users per minute.

Oleh Kuznetsov CIO

The Yakaboo and TranSoftGroup cooperation started with the fact that our new site did not work at the planned speed - it could not withstand high loads, and also required significant improvements in functionality.

Then we met an ambitious and responsible IT team from Mukachevo, which completed what we started and did everything to make the Yakaboo site a leader in the book e-commerce market of Ukraine and met the needs of our customers.

A few years ago we decided that our own IT team would be enough to support the site, but we still work with TranSoftGroup - the partner's specialists administer our resource 24/7 and develop unique technical solutions.

Aquapolis Company

The online store aquapolis.ua specializes in the sale of a wide range of pools and related equipment and accessories.

The company's mission is to provide the best product and the best service in 1 click.

The site is a leader among e-commerce sites in this market segment in Ukraine. It is used by both private pool owners and wholesale buyers who have additional options in case of authorization on the site.

Oksana Kobets Head of E-Commerce Aquapolis.ua

TranSoftGroup is a team of experienced developers. Our cooperation lasted 5 years. Everything done was quite in professional manner. It was especially comfortable that the changes on the site were quite episodic, and we had the opportunity at any time to get a qualified solution.

Unfortunately, in July 2020, serious changes became urgent, and our colleagues at that time had all the resources occupied. We had to involve another team. But TranSoftGroup projects are still kindly advising us on our site.

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